Smarter files are here 🎉

Everything you love about files, but better. Turn your files into smart files for more design, style, and configuration options.

Meet smart files

Impress your clients

Create beautiful interactive experiences to sell your services.

Streamline your processes

Let clients book, sign, pay, and more—all in one go.

Tell your story

Customize and personalize your pitch for every client.

Your files, just smarter

Learn how to transform invoices, contracts, and more with your new smart files: everything you love about your legacy files and templates, with way more flexibility and customization!

There’s more where that came from

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Do I have to recreate all of my files as smart files to be able to use this new feature?

No, there’s no heavy lifting here! We’ve converted all of your legacy file templates to smart file templates for you. To access your smart file templates, navigate to
Tools > My Templates. You’ll be brought directly to your upgraded files, which means you can get started making additions or just sending them out right away.

What can I do with smart files that I couldn’t before?

Smart files come with a whole new world of ways to showcase your branding and customize how your clients interact with your files. While legacy files were limited to 1-2 actions, smart files allow you to include any combination and order of content and actions to create a seamless client experience.

Is the experience better for my clients?

Smart files provide a seamless end-to-end experience for your clients. You’ll choose which pieces of your process to combine into each smart file, as well as the design. When your client receives one of your smart files, they’ll get an easy-to-use document with clear actions and branding! 

Plus, you’re no longer limited to email–you also have the option to create a direct link to share a smart file via text message, social media DM, or any other avenue you choose. (Although, of course, you can still send your smart files through the traditional email route.) 

The client experience will vary based on what’s included in each smart file, but you can walk through some possibilities here. Or, check out a success story to learn how real members leveraged smart files to build engagement!

How can smart files quickly improve my entire client experience?

Because smart files are so customizable, there are tons of different ways to really take them to the next level. Check out a guide here to quickly elevate your smart files–we’d recommend setting your company theme, adding a thank you page to smart files with payment collection, and more to get started.

Do automations and smart files work well together?

Automations allow you to automate different steps of your workflow using certain criteria (such as: sending a questionnaire three days after a contact form has been submitted, or sending an email two hours after the previous automation step is complete). Smart files allow you to craft single-page documents (such as: a questionnaire) or entire experiences that combine multiple parts of your process (such as: an intro page, a questionnaire, and a place for clients to select services all in one file). 

Smart files, then, can be used in automations to let your client-facing processes fire with minimal effort. The end result? Less time on the back-end work and more time with the hands-on stuff. 

 Learn more about using smart files and automations together here.

Can I still use my legacy files?

Since smart files have all of the capabilities of legacy files plus so much more, they will eventually be replacing legacy files. We will give you ample time to prepare, and remember–all legacy file templates are being automatically upgraded to smart file templates for you, so no need to re-do anything!  

For now, you can still access all of your legacy files. Simply navigate to Tools > My Templates, then your Legacy Templates tab. Or, inside any project, you’ll be able to send a legacy file by clicking Create New.

How will smart files impact the process I've already built?

Your process doesn’t have to change, but you now have many more options to create the ideal clientflows for your business! 

For example: If you were previously sending a questionnaire legacy file and wished clients could answer questions, select services, and pay all at the same time, you can now easily achieve this. With smart files, you’re able to include any combination and order of content and actions for your clients to view and complete in one sitting. 

Don’t want to adjust your current process at all? No problem, you can still use smart files the same way you would legacy files. If you’d like, you can always make a few customization tweaks to showcase more of your branding and let your own personal style shine through.

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