Streamline your business processes

Your clientflow is the backbone of your business as an independent. HoneyBook's all-in-one system helps you seamlessly move leads from inquiry to booked.

What HoneyBook can do for you

Impress your clients

Create beautiful interactive experiences to sell your services.

Streamline your processes

Let clients book, sign, pay, and more—all in one go.

Tell your story

Customize and personalize your pitch for every client.

Build your ideal clientflow

HoneyBook's all-in-one platform can help you build, customize,
and optimize the clientflow of your dreams.

There’s more where that came from

Visit our full Help Center for written walkthroughs, video tutorials, and tips for all things HoneyBook.
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How much does HoneyBook cost?

HoneyBook offers two plans: unlimited monthly ($39/month) and unlimited annual ($390/year). Both plans come with access to all of HoneyBook’s features and tools (smart files, bookkeeping, and automations, to name a few), our Concierge Support Team, and unlimited online payments.

Learn more about HoneyBook’s pricing here.

What type of support do you offer?

When you purchase HoneyBook, you unlock access to our world-class Concierge Support Team, available over chat and email. We also offer a robust online Help Center with written and video tutorials, plus live and on-demand webinars with our product experts.

How do I get started on HoneyBook?

We know getting started with any new program can be daunting, which is why we have a number of resources to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Check out this article for a quick start guide to kickstart your HoneyBook account – and remember, our team is here to help with any questions along the way!

What are smart files?

Smart files are HoneyBook’s version of online business files, but with tons of added functionality.

These enhanced files can be a single page or an entire experience. You can combine multiple parts of your process — such as company information, service selection, an invoice, a contract — to share with your clients all at once. The end result is a seamless experience for your clients and booking with even less back-and-forth.

How do I send files to my clients?

Once you’ve built your smart file, you’ll have the option to send via email or a direct link shared over text message, social media, or any other avenue you choose.

For even more control over the file-sharing experience, you can also schedule files to send at later dates and send yourself test files to preview what your clients will experience!

What actions can my clients take?

Booking is the bread and butter of HoneyBook, which means clients can easily sign contracts and make payments. You can also create and send files with questions for clients to answer, services for clients to select, set up session scheduling, capture leads via contact forms, and more.

Can I import my existing templates?

Yes! We offer a free account migration service for all new members. Upload any of your existing business documents containing questionnaires, contracts, and/or pricing and package information; and our team will build this into your account as HoneyBook files.

You can learn more about the complimentary account migration service – like what it is and what’s included – here..

What does it take to start receiving payments?

Receiving payments through HoneyBook is simple. As a first and one-time step, make sure your bank account is linked – learn more about setup here. Then, just send your client an invoice! They’ll be prompted to pay by credit card or ACH bank transfer, and you’ll receive the funds right to your linked bank account.

* HoneyBook Tip: If clients made payments before you connected your bank account to HoneyBook, these payments should begin automatically processing to your linked bank account right after your details are verified.

What are your processing fees?

Payments made by credit card incur a flat 3% fee, while payments made by bank transfer incur a flat 1.5% fee. These fees are on par and in many cases (such as scheduled or recurring payments), lower than other online payment processors. And it’s so worth it! Accepting payments online is more convenient for your clients, gets you paid fast, adds extra security, and allows you to get your funds without having to coordinate face-to-face or wait on a paper check.

What does my client experience when they pay an invoice?

Whenever you share an invoice with a client, they’ll receive a branded file that makes payment simple. They’ll be prompted to input their payment details on mobile or desktop, pay, then receive a detailed receipt – it’s as simple as that.You can also customize the client experience further by combining your invoice with other content and actions, turning on gratuity, setting up automatic payments, and more.

Learn more about the client experience with invoices here.

How do clients sign contracts electronically?

When you send a contract, your client will be prompted to review the file and fill in any necessary fields. Then, they can click or tap the signature line to add a legally-binding signature. They’ll have the option of typing in a signature or drawing it in, and can sign from any device.

Learn more about the client experience with contracts here.

How can I use automations to help my business?

HoneyBook’s automations tool allows you to automate different steps of your workflow using certain criteria (such as: sending a questionnaire three days after a contact form has been submitted, or sending an email two hours after the previous automation step is complete). You can even automate invoices – resulting in a totally hands-off booking experience! When you set up automations, you’ll spend less time on the back-end work and more time with the hands-on stuff.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! With the HoneyBook mobile app for iOS and Android, you have access to some of your favorite HoneyBook features, right from the palm of your hand. With the app, you can manage your business from anywhere — easily respond to new inquiries, create projects, communicate with your clients, receive instant payment notifications, and more.

What integrations do you offer?

HoneyBook offers a number of helpful integrations to help you run your business smoothly and keep everything organized. These include:

…And more!

What kind of productivity tools do you have?

Your HoneyBook account comes with a variety of tools to help you work as efficiently as possible. These features include:

How does HoneyBook help with bookkeeping?

We know how important it is to stay on top of your cashflow, which is why you’ll have access to a number of bookkeeping tools right from your account. These include:

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